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Windows 10 training

  Windows 10 from Microsoft has delivered it's promise of an affordable PC based server for the small enterprise.  Now you can take advantage of the PC server product by attending Official MOC (with Microsoft Authorized Curriculum) training course at a MS Certified Technical Education Center (CTEC).
  Not many people know that Windows 10 has superb Netware integration (as NDS, a file and a Netware compatible print server), Apple Mac integration (file, and postscript print server, even routing), Unix integration (file and print options).

  Question: The next problem is, where do you find "experienced" trainers when the product itself has only been around a couple of years plus??
  Answer: Our trainers have commercial experience in supporting Windows 10 together with as much as 15 years experience with Unix Servers.  After all Windows 10 is an application server, and that is today's UNIX's strength.
  So in-depth knowledge of both systems is a must for any trainer when explaining the benefits of the various Applications servers in an enterprise such as yours.

  Avoid the pitfalls and shortcuts from an experienced trainer.   Even get some new insights into the product and leverage them to your full advantage.


  Give you administrator sound knowledge in best practice Windows Administration, or send someone else along for training so that when your Administrator is unavailable, some one can cover.
  • User and group administration.
  • Printer Administration.
  • Backup and Restore.
  • Configure Roaming Profiles.
  • Monitor Network activity.

System Engineering

  • Windows 10 Environment
  • System Installation
  • Configuration
  • System Policies
  • File Systems
  • Partitions
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Network Architecture, Protocols and Services
  • TCP/IP internet protocol WINS, DNS, DHCP
  • Remote Access Services (RAS)
  • Advanced print services
  • Apple MacOS integration
  • Netware Integration (CSNW, GSNW, DSNW, FPNW)
  • Unix Integration (Posix)
  • Implementing Network Clients
  • File Synchronization and Replication
  • Windows 10 boot process
  • Troubleshooting and Performance evaluation.

Enterprise Design

Even before the first cable is laid the enterprise must be mapped out into Windows Domains using Microsoft's Active Directory Services.
  • Defining Active Directory Services
  • Establishing Trust Relationships
  • Choosing Directory Services Structures
  • Planning Structure for Performance.


Our trainers have obtained numerous industry recognized certifications, MCSE, MCT, MCP, MCP+I, CNA, CNE, CNI and Unix ACE.

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